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Do you have a story to tell? Our team of skilled PR experts will ensure your story is told and communicated. We write articles, blogs, social media content, website content and literature. We also have large numbers of contacts in the media who we work with, both locally and nationally, with the sole purpose of placing your brand at the hands of your potential customers. We are highly skilled in tailoring the right story with the right message. We will also arrange a great photo of you too.

PR is a great way to improve your business reputation and shout about all the great things that are happening and the product range that you have available. It is all about getting your brand out there so that it is at the forefront of people’s minds when they are in search of a product or service that you offer.

Why You Need It

The use of PR is an important part of any business to increase your brand awareness and to gain more exposure. The more your consumers and potential customers know about your brand and products, the more likely your business is going to be at the forefront of their mind and also the more trusted you will be. Regularly talking about your brand through the use of a PR is going to increase your brand awareness and exposure, but will also give potential customers an insight into the inner workings of your business.

When promoting a product or service through PR it is beneficial to talk about all of the great features so that the potential customer feels as though your product or service is the answer to their needs. The more that they know about your product and how it can benefit them, the more they will have an interest in it and trust your brand more.

How We Do It

May Green Marketing are able to handle all of the publicity aspects of your business and advise you on the most appropriate communication and media methods that are available to you. We will start by discussing what your goals are so that we can fully understand the PR help you need. When we have all of the necessary knowledge, we can help your business.

We aim to create a strategy of communication that will raise your profile for you, meaning that more individuals are aware of your business and the products or services that you are offering to them. We find that the key to PR success is all about getting the relevant information at the right time and to the right people.