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Copywriting can range from creating blog posts and emails to writing case studies and short articles. It is the process of writing advertisements or promoting your business or products and services. It focuses on the aim of the potential customer or the user taking action which could be to purchase your product or service or even signing up to your newsletter.

Why Do I need Content.

Copywriting is a great method of marketing as it allows your business to explain to the user about your products and services in an encouraging and engaging way. It is important to update your content and create new fresh information to keep the user interested and to also show search engines like Google about your pages are about. The use of keywords within content are important so that you are more likely to be found on the internet.

How Do May Green Marketing.

Here at May Green Marketing we adapt our writing style to mirror our clients in order to promote a product or service. When copy writing, we are able to adapt our writing style and tone to fit the appropriate audience. The way that we can achieve this is through sitting down with you and discussing what you require and also what your goals are in regards to copy writing. Once we are aware of this, we are able to take the pressure away from you and write from your own agenda. May Green Marketing are able to write to persuade customers but also write to inform individuals about your business, products and services so that we have the perfect balance. We are flexible and are able to research different topics and make even the most boring topics impressive.