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The Dawn of Social Media……!

The Dawn of Social Media……!

Social Media has grown to the point where no business can be without it. But what’s the fuss?


For one, this is where your target audience hangs out. Whether you are a Retailer, a Bank or an Estate Agent, Social Media is the perfect addition to your marketing tool box.


Not only is it a great platform for showcasing your products and services but it is also an extra opportunity to provide additional customer service.


So you’re looking to engage, promote, interact with your audience and increase the volume of enquiries, but which social media to choose?  Facebook still remains the go-to social media for businesses to maximise their online presence. They have the option to boost posts and select paid-for- advertising meaning that you can spend your marketing budget smarter and in a targeted fashion with sophisticated insights to help you measure each campaign.


Instagram demographics tell us that the majority of users fall within the 18-30 bracket which makes it a perfect platform if this is the target age group for your product. Twitter statistics show a very equal gender usage but with again the majority of user in the 18-30 age bracket with LinkedIn showing a very equal divide through the age brackets.


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