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PR North East

One of the worst things for any business is not being noticed. When you have many competitors, it can feel like a crowded marketplace which makes it even more difficult to be heard. The cost of being overshadowed by your competitors is huge and as we know reputation is key to any business’ success.

Research has shown that Around 84% of the adult population regularly read newspapers, therefore PR is a perfect way for your business to spread the message of how great you are. We know you are great, and this is the perfect way to show everyone else how great you are too!

Why Choose Us

At May Green Marketing we have a team who specialise in using PR to boost your business’ reputation and brand awareness. Over the years we have developed relationships with journalists and have regular contact with large news organisations. The use of our PR expertise can result in your business being seen in newspaper articles, magazine blogs, radio interviews and more!

If someone reads the newspaper and sees your company alongside your amazing story, this creates a powerful and positive perception of your brand and increases the likelihood of people wanting to use your services or buy your products.