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SEO North East

We receive enquiries from businesses throughout the UK who for many years have enjoyed a steady turnover and profit until recent times. The comment theme with these businesses are a lack of online presence which has allowed their competitors to steal their market share.

And it isn’t just the competition, it is the competition who have digital marketing working for them in a smart way

By this we mean a website that sends out the right messages, it looks good, it converts a visitor into a lead, but more importantly you are high up in the search engines for your potential customers to find you.

Because lets face it, being on page 5,6 or worse is the online equivalent of having a shop and no one walking past!

We can create a digital marketing package that works for your business. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the many 5 STAR reviews we have received for our digital marketing package where we have helped to transform businesses online; increasing their visibility and credibility while boosting their leads, sales and growth.

Did you know… less than 10% of people actually progress to the 2nd page on Google, meaning if you feature anywhere after page one you are invisible to your potential new customers.  This amplifies the importance of being on the 1st page when people search for local businesses who are in the same industry.

We have a large wealth of knowledge when it comes to SEO and can work to ensure you are up there with the tops results on any search engine. We have had some amazing success stories over the years, propelling our clients from the lower reaches of Google right to the 1st page!

We combine a number of factors to help with SEO, which include social media posting and key words. As part of our SEO service, we can also write regular blogs which both benefit search engine rankings and provide your customers with interesting, relevant reading content.

When we work on SEO for you, you will see a new level of recognition for your company and be amazed by the results!