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Social Media Management: North East, Middlesbrough

Social Media Management

We operate throughout the entirety of the North East

Social Media is great for your business. in fact, we say it is an essential ingredient to introduce your brand name. We know that it is time consuming and difficult to think of content especially after a long day of running your business.

So we make it easy for you. We do the content, we build your online social reputation and increase the reach of your brand name to thousands of potential new customers.

How do we do it? Firstly, we create a tailor made strategy for your social media presence. Then our social media experts get to work on creating engagement for your business. Finally, we report back to you. We are results driven and will demonstrate the value that we bring to you in terms of growth.

Social media has rapidly became a part of our daily activity whether you have a busy schedule or not. Setting up social media accounts for your business would be beneficial for you when it comes to interacting and widening your potential customer base, whilst also targeting specific target markets. It is also easier to influence your customers’ opinions of your overall brand and products through the use of this marketing. Social media will help drive traffic to your website which then increases the likelihood of customers purchasing your products or services.

Here at May Green Marketing we understand the in-depth benefits of social media to help your business strive. We put social media to good use and ensure that our clients have a strong online following with the added bonus of customers engaging with our clients. We believe that it is all about influencing and engaging rather than being advised to buy or invest into various different things online.

Why is social media important for businesses?

Social media always gets people talking, so why not use this to your advantage and shout about all of the great aspects of your business, products and services through your social media advertising? This allows you to interact and connect with many people who may not have previously known that your business even existed.

May Green Marketing will help you to stand out from the crowd and build the numbers of trusting, loyal social media followers that you will gain. So when they do need to purchase a product you offer, they will always consider you first. As the majority of people you know are using social media throughout their day, why not cover this digital marketing base?

How does social media for business work?

With help from May Green Marketing, you can say goodbye to those ‘salesy’ posts and say hello to the posts that consumers are able to relate to. If you are constantly directing your followers to your website to purchase your products, this can in fact put them off the idea, whilst also discouraging people from being a loyal follower of your business.

We believe that the key to success with social media is to create a great relationship with your followers. This could be by creating interesting conversations about your business, industry or products. This will allow consumers to engage with you. It will also develop a level of trust between you both which then influences the customer to consider purchasing your products as you are now one of their most trusted brands. When you have a loyal and trusting following then they will be more likely to respond positively to your requests of browsing your website and purchasing your products.