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Want to improve your skills and knowledge on marketing, sales or customer service?

Here at May Green Marketing we have the ability to train you within these aspects of business. We have taken part in a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) course which is an initial teacher training qualification for those who are at the first stage of becoming a teacher. This has allowed for May Green Marketing to train clients to become a good sales person, marketer and improve their customer service skills.

Marketing Training.

May Green Marketing are able to develop people’s skills on social media and help with the creation of the correct content for websites and news outlets. From our experience we have explained the importance of marketing to our clients and also given advice on the how essential it is to keep your marketing strategy up to date.

Sales Training.

May Green Marketing have the skills and experience to assist with the development of your sales workforce, allowing them to discover, nurture and successfully close the sales leads.

As part of our sales training we prompt our clients on where they can source certain leads in their specific industry and what systems they can use.

Customer Service Training.

Our customer service training for clients includes surveying customers to see if they received a great experience. Using the feedback that is obtained would allow for improvements if necessary. Training is carried out to ensure that the client has made the necessary improvement.